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Prognosis unveil new line-up with video for brand new single Dark Waters

Manchester prog metallers Prognosis have released their new single Dark Waters



Manchester prog metal quartet Prognosis have streamed their brand new single Dark Waters which is released on all major streaming platforms from December 24.

At the same time, the band unveil their latest line-up. Founding members Danny Daemon (Bass/Vocals) and Phil Weller (Guitars/Vocals) are now joined by Lewin Cantor (Guitars) and Yan Akoya (Drums) and together, the quartet have crafted a song that sees the band confidently stepping in a new direction.

“2020 was a shock to the system for every band, but amidst all of this pandemic, changing half of our line-up was something none of us expected,” guitarist Weller tells Prog. “Ultimately though I think the shake up has done us the world of good. We feel revitalised; it felt like the stars aligned for us with Yan and Lewin joining the band. They’re exceptional talents and we feel pretty invincible right now!

“Lewin and Yan have brought in a fresh energy to the band and there’s more clarity to what we want from the band now; there’s harmony between what we as individuals are bringing to the table and where we, collectively, want to go with our music. With changing our line up, we wanted this new song to reflect how our sound is changing, putting an extra emphasis on the strengths of Lewin and Yan and their styles. We wanted to come back with a bang to and to show that we’re now stronger than ever.

“Lyrically, the song talks about dealing with and reflecting on everything we’ve been through in 2020. The overarching message is one of rebirth; coming through hard times – rising out of dark waters – with a greater strength and self-confidence having survived the experience. And away from the band, we feel it’s something everyone can relate to as we enter the final weeks of a really dire year. We are all emerging from out of dark waters right now.

“Behind the scenes we’re using Dark Waters as the cornerstone to our second album, which we are deep into writing. And of course we’ll be back playing shows when the time comes. We miss live music and we miss our fans, but we’re incredibly excited for the future of this band.”

Get Dark Waters.