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Pupil Slicer’s Mirrors is one of 2021’s most exciting debut albums

Grind meets mathcore meets doom on Pupil Slicer’s savage debut album Mirrors



London trio Pupil Slicer are a relentlessly savage proposition, and Mirrors is sure to be one of 2021’s most exciting debut albums. Pitched between mathcore and warped grindcore blur, the band grasp enough dynamics, hooks and melody to never let any of these 12 tracks feel like an exercise in aimless white noise. The angular grind that slowly morphs into a slow crush of doom on the seven-minute Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television hints at a band with a restlessly creative mind, not to mention a serious amount of talent. There’s a raft of exciting and innovative bands coming from the UK right now. Pupil Slicer are on par with all of them.