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Retransmission by W.E.T. is “ludicrously good” says our reviewer

Melodic rockers W.E.T. come up with an early album of the year contender on fourth album Retransmission



W.E.T. understand the value of keeping their powder dry. While many in the melodic hard rock genre increasingly prioritise quantity above quality, Retransmission is just the fourth studio album in this band’s 12-year career. 

Any rebooting of the partnership of keyboard player and guitarist Robert Säll (whose group Work Of Art supply the ‘W’ in W.E.T.), Eclipse guitarist Erik Mårtensson and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (acknowledged here for his contribution to Talisman) will always be worth waiting for, and, sure enough, Retransmission is a dead cert for those ‘best of 2021’ lists.

The zeal and passion with which W.E.T. dispatch opener Big Boys Don’t Cry must be heard to be believed, and once they up the pace slightly with the crunchier yet equally dizzying The Moment Of Truth, all bets are off. 

As closer One Final Kiss, fades away, just two words are written in this reviewer’s notepad: “Ludicrously good”.