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Rob Trujillo would love Slayer to cover the title track from Metallica’s 72 Seasons

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo says he would “love it” if Slayer covered the title track from 72 Seasons “because some people say there’s a competition [between us]”



Rob Trujillo says if he could pick one band to cover a song from Metallica‘s recently-released 72 Seasons album it would be Slayer.

Despite choosing a group who are now defunct (Slayer went their separate ways in 2019), Metallica’s bassist notes how the hypothetical cover would delight him based on the fact that the two ‘Big Four’ thrash bands were once considered rivals, and with 72 Seasons channelling much of their earlier, thrashier sound. 

Speaking to Mexican radio station Alfa 91.3 FM, after being asked what covers he’d like to hear lifted from the new album, Trujillo says: “What would be a really powerful song? I mean, I would love to hear, like, . . . this is gonna sound crazy. What if 72 Seasons was covered by Slayer? I mean, that would be pretty cool [laughs]. You know?”.

Explaining his choice, he adds: “No one would expect that, but I would love it. ‘Cause I always feel like . . . some people say there’s a competition [between us]. Maybe it’s because I came into the band later, [but] I view it as more as two signature sort of icon powerhouses, you know, that had this energy back in the early ’80s, you know? Really strong. But, like, what if, what if the classic Slayer lineup covered a song like 72 Seasons? That would be pretty cool.”

Listen to the full interview below:

Following its release back in April, 72 Seasons scored Metallica their first UK number one album since 2008’s Death Magnetic.

In response, they told the Official Charts: “Number 1 in the UK? “Spectacular! We’re grateful. Thank you, UK – we can’t wait to see you!”.

Despite their success in the British Isles, the album fell short in the US, becoming their first studio album not to hit #1 on US chart since …And Justice For All, which was released in 1988.

Last week, Metallica announced that they would be streaming their August performances at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for worldwide viewing.

Presented by Trafalgar Releasing, Metallica: M72 World Tour Live From Arlington, TX – A Two Night Event will stream the Californian band’s August 18 and August 20 shows to a global audience in America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania.