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Robert Berry releases video for new single A Bond Of Union

Robert Berry will release a new 3.2 album, Third Impression, in February



Robert Berry has released a video for his new single A Bond Of Union. The track is taken from the upcoming 3.2 album Third Impression which will be released through Frontiers Records on February 12.

Berry’s 3.2 project, itself a continuation of the band 3 that he was in alongside Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer in 1988. The band disbanded after just one tour, with Emerson, Lake & Palmer reuniting in 1991.

Berry continued working with Keith Emerson and Third Impression features the final song he wrote with the keyboard legend, Never.

“Being left with Never, the final song that Keith and I worked on, weighed heavily on me,” explains Berry. “It was as if my friend was still here as we had this song unreleased to the world. It was a big and powerful piece of music, but was too long to fit on The Rules Have Changed. However, the more I listened to it, the more it brought me back to the many conversations Keith and I had about style and where 3’s sound may have headed. I am so proud of these 3.2 albums and my time in 3. Playing with Keith was, and will remain, the best experience of my musical life.” 

Berry has previously released a video for A Fond Farewell. Third Impression is the second 3.2 release, following 2018’s The Rules Have Changed.

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