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San Pedro Collective: Time – new single and video premiere

Wayne AF Carey gets a summer vibe from the latest slice of smooth funk from San Pedro Collective

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San Pedro Collective

San Pedro Collective’s first single release of 2021 with ‘Time’ released 23/01/21 on Blindside Records

San Pedro Collective are back with a smooth new number that’s too cool for school and has a vibe that brings in the summer early to snap you out of those lockdown blues. The last few releases have been rave tinged Hacienda monsters to fill the dancefloors. As there are no fuckin’ dancefloors to fill then what better than a mellowed out affair with some cracking vocals from Jasmine Needham that gives out a funky soul affair, with crisp production topped by ‘Funky Si’s’ even funkier drums, backed by vocals from Paris Angels frontman Rikki Turner? They get better with every listen. And don’t forget the rest of the band including the man Keith ‘photobomber’ Higgins on guitar and bass duties joined by a funky Sam Smyth Murray on lead. Pure bliss that melts the ice on these winter days. Here’s a bit of press for your heads and a cool as fuck video to boot…

San Pedro Collective are an ever changing and evolving collection of musical mavericks, Mancunian legends and fresh new talent, spun together by the enigmatic front man that is Rikki Turner.

Turners previous musical offerings include Paris Angels and The Hurt where he is joined by Keith Higgins on guitar / bass. Sam Smyth Murray has picked up lead guitar duties for SPC tempering early rock n’ roll instincts with passion for blues and funky playing. Murray adds the funk on Time with a few tasty wah-pedal twangs and flavours in live gigs. Justin Leonard keeps the songs moving with the melodic rhythm with the drums being in the capable hands of Simon Wolstencroft (AKA Funky Si),  best known for spending 11 years with The Fall, turning down The Smiths before re-joining his old school classmate Ian Brown on the Stone Roses frontman’s second solo album ‘Golden Greats’. Si Joined SPC two years ago and now playing the kind of beats his nickname suggests. The final cherry on the already perfectly iced cake is singer Jasmine Needham whose haunting vocals effortlessly weave in and about of the rhythm and beats.

Higgins had this to say about Time.
“Time was a song that came about during lockdown by sending little vids of ideas back and forth. Jud sent me his guitar riff and the bass felt like it wrote itself. Quite a chilled sound by our standards. Maybe a product of too much lockdown lounging around! Then, as things started to open up again in summer, Jas came in and sprinkled her magical ethereal vocals on it. And that was it nailed, on her very first rehearsal with us.”

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Available on all streaming platforms from January 23rd

Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here


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