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School teacher sings the alphabet to Korn’s Coming Undone, blows up internet

Watch this school teacher inspire students and metal fans everywhere with his new way of learning the ABCs



Like a missing scene from the cult classic School Of Rock, school teacher Nick Harrison has found a way to educate his students which would make Jack Black proud. Using his love for rock and metal as his inspiration, Harrison creates a new and innovative way of learning the alphabet, as he sings along to Korn’s Coming Undone in a hilarious viral TikTok.

For some reason, the ABC/Korn mash-up really, really works, and we think all future parents should probably take a page out of Harrison’s book. Want to ignite your kids’ love for metal whilst learning the basics? Well, watch this video for an intro to Metal Parenting 101.

Naturally, the post has taken the internet by storm, and has even landed on the laps of the nu-metallers themselves. A day after Harrison’s alphabet song went viral, he posted a follow-up video sharing his excitement about getting a reaction from Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis.  As he holds up his phone screen to show the message and post from the singer, Harrison says: “I should be in bed right now, I should be sleeping — I mean, I am a teacher. But when Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, of course, posts your video to his Instagram story — I can’t even talk, man! Thank you guys so much, you’re awesome!”

Judging from Harrison’s other videos, his devotion to metal doesn’t end with Korn. He incorporates his appreciation in and out the classroom with renditions of songs by Metallica, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down and many more.

Watch the clip below.


Thank you @korn and Jonathan Davis for being FREAKIN’ AMAZING! And thank you to my followers, who will always ##BeGreat!

♬ Alphabet Undone by mrprofessor318 – Nick Harrison