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See Claud’s new “A Good Thing” music video featuring Paul Rudd

Claud’s new album, Supermodels, is out now via Saddest Factory Records. They also shared a music video for “A Good Thing,” which stars Paul Rudd. Continue reading…



Claud’s second album, Supermodels, has officially arrived, which is full of intimate cuts and highway bangers.

Along with the release, they also shared a new music video for “A Good Thing” featuring Paul Rudd as a goofy mailman who’s having a rough time (“My ferret, something’s wrong with his eye,” he tells Claud). As a longtime admirer of the actor and his movies — there’s even a song named after him on the new record — the collaboration is a dream realized.

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“I met him briefly in passing at a Taylor Swift concert and explained that there was a song on my upcoming album named after him, and he so generously gave me his email asking to hear it,” Claud says of the collaboration. “In the email, I explained that ‘Paul Rudd’ and many other songs on the record are about me trying to imagine myself as a cool and confident person similar to the types of characters he plays, in contrast to the real-life shy and nervous person I often am. Filming this music video really pushed me out of my shell in a lot of ways, as did making this album.”

See the video for “A Good Thing” below.


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