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Sepultura’s Sepulquarta: an open-minded, bone-rattling blast

Brazil’s metal kings Sepultura reveal the spoils of lockdown on 16th album Sepulquarta



A joyous rarity amid the steady torrent of enervating all-star online musical collaborations during the past 18 months, Sepultura’s weekly team-ups with a diverse array of friends and peers, under the banner of Sepulquarta, looked like a shitload of fun to be involved with. 

The resultant album is a bone-rattling blast too. Fifteen tracks and an hour deep, it works both as a raw and eclectic sprint through the Brazilians’ imperious catalogue and as a tribute to the band’s endlessly open-minded approach to heavy music.

Highlights are numerous, ranging from souped-up versions of deep cuts Mask and Vandals Nest, featuring Devin Townsend and Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick respectively, to a wild take on early anthem Inner Self with Sacred Reich’s Phil Rind. 

Elsewhere Danko Jones shouts himself into a state of bug-eyed euphoria on a vicious Sepulnation, and Phil Campbell adds his unmistakable bluesy squall to a truly crushing cover of Orgasmatron.