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Slipknot and Gnarls Barkley’s Sulphur Crazy should be the feel-good hit of the summer

Sulphur Crazy is the smoothest mix of Slipknot and Gnarls Barkley you’ll hear this side of humankind’s return to normality



What do you get if you cross Slipknot‘s 2009 single Suplhur with Gnarls Barkley’s chart-straddling global hit Crazy

The delightfully literal answer, it turns out, is Sulphur Crazy, a deliriously smooth mashup from web wizard vixoria drift and a definite early contender for feel-good smash of the summer. 

It’s also startling proof that – beneath all that fire and fury – Corey Taylor really knows his way around a listener-friendly chorus.

“I’ll be honest,” says drift. “I wouldn’t even know this Slipknot song if not for William Maranci’s great mashup with Maroon 5. “It has a chorus that works so well over pop instrumentals it’s ridiculous.”

Crazy Sulphur joins a long list of sonically inappropriate Slipknot bootlegs. Who can forget Slipknot vs Barney the Dinosaur? Or the deranged alchemy of Slipknot, Eminem and Linkin Park? Or the maniacal blend of Slipknot and the Spice Girls? Or that time Slipknot found themselves welded to N*Sync? Or Slipknot vs Livin’ La Visa Loca, the mashup no one was asking for yet was still given? 

We can’t forget. And we’ve been trying.