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Slipknot vs Barney The Dinosaur is the mash-up the universe has been crying out for

Slipknot’s Wait And Bleed vs the Barney The Dinosaur theme is here, and we’re shocked no one has done it before



It’s official. We have reached Peak Mash-Up. After years – no, decades – of internet ‘wizards’ smashing together two completely different songs for a few minutes of sweet comedic relief, someone has come along with something that is so perfectly brilliant and stupid, there’s no point carrying on.

One Redditor calling themselves SoBizzare has served up the perfect mash-up, splicing together Slipknot’s 1998 anthem Wait And Bleed with the theme from Barney The Dinosaur.

We could go into massive chin-stroking detail about how the juxtaposition of Corey Taylor’s vein-bulging miffed-ness  with Barney’s crazed jauntiness is a meta-commentary on the division of society today.

But we won’t. Instead, we’ll just point in the direction of 45 seconds of e-number-fuelled exhilaration featuring one of the world’s most beloved cartoon characters. And Barney The Dinosaur.

Now you’ll just have to excuse us. We’re just going to turn off the internet, cos we think we’ve completed it.

Wait And Bleed The Dinosaur (Slipknot, Barney The Dinosaur) – [0:45] from r/mashups