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Slipknot vs Linkin Park vs Eminem is the deranged mashup dreams are made of

YouTuber XYClanKILLER2 puts Slipknot, Linkin Park and Eminem together for Until I Bleed… and it works



We haven’t yet fully recovered from learning that System Of A Down’s Sugar has been covered by a bunch of animals, but that hasn’t stopped us from exploring the web’s murkier corners to root out more foolishness.

Today’s example comes from YouTuber XYClanKILLER2, who’s used the untethered power of editing software to create a something that mashes Slipknot, Linkin Park and Eminem together to build a song that’s entirely new and – dare we say it – rather great.

Until I Bleed takes elements of Linkin Park’s Don’t Stay, Points of Authority, Victimized and One Step Closer, and carefully welds them to the vocal from Slipknot’s Wait And Bleed. It then throws in some rhymes from Eminem’s Till I Collapse and Soldier, and Hey! Presto! It’s the new nu-metal club banger you never knew you needed.

This isn’t the first time that XYClanKILLER2 has explored the Slipknot vs Linkin Park axis of evil. Uploaded five years ago, his first mashup Psychofaint has now generated 26 million views, while the follow-up, Powerless To Snuff, has found its way into 11 million sets of eyeballs.  

That’s not all. The Victimised Anthem followed, as did One Step For The Maggots, all of them generating bootleg gold by combining the men from Des Moines with the Hybrid Theory heroes. 

We suspect it won’t be the last we hear from either band.