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Some genius has created a Mudvayne at the Oscars performance and it’s glorious

Respect to YouTuber Thomas Wykes for this superbly edited clip of Mudvayne rocking the Oscars in an alternate reality



Much excitement has been generated by the recent news that cult nu-metal crew Mudvayne are to reunite to play four US festivals in the autumn. But, truthfully, we weren’t expecting to see a room full of A-List movie stars losing their shit as the Illinois quartet launched their comeback with a surprise appearance at the Oscars.

We weren’t expecting it, obviously, because such an idea is nonsense, and a blatant lie.

However, imaginative YouTuber Thomas Wykes has dared to dream, and created a fabulous alternate reality where this truly was A Thing, by splicing together footage from an archived Mudvayne show, with crowd reaction shots from a previous Oscars ceremony. The result is seamless, hilarious, and pretty damn believable, as the comments below the video on Wykes’ YT channel illustrate.

Back in the real world, the quartet will appear at Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival (September 10-12 in Mansfield, Ohio), Louder Than Life (September 23-26 in Louisville, Kentucky), Aftershock (October 7-10 in Sacramento, California) and Welcome To Rockville (November 11-14 in Daytona Beach, Florida).

Frankly, we’re excited as this Mudyane-loving rooster… and that’s pretty damn excited.