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Sophie Powers’ viral track “Obsessed” takes on toxic romance

“So why do good girls like bad guys?” asks alt-pop artist Sophie Powers. “I’ve had this question for a real long time…” Surely, she’s not the only one. However, Powers is out of the pondering stage, and into action, with her latest song “Obsessed” featuring Ashley Sienna. Written with pop legends Bonnie McKee, Camm Hunter, […]



“So why do good girls like bad guys?” asks alt-pop artist Sophie Powers. “I’ve had this question for a real long time…” Surely, she’s not the only one. However, Powers is out of the pondering stage, and into action, with her latest song “Obsessed” featuring Ashley Sienna. Written with pop legends Bonnie McKee, Camm Hunter, Liam Benayon, and Mike Gonek, the track hits the nail on the head when it comes to the addictive, powerful nature of a great pop song while holding onto a cheeky, endearing attitude that is very much Powers’ own. For those who can relate to complicated romance, those seeking a vicarious thrill, or those in need of a song to play on a loop this spring.

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“Obsessed” — which went viral even before its official release — has all bases covered. Powers and Sienna come together seamlessly on the track, for an effeminate energy that’s got serious edge — and a sound recalling a smudgy Avril eye roll, or the chaotic-good earnestness of Kesha. “We can’t help who we love, or even obsess over,” Powers shrugs. “So why is there so much judgment surrounding someone’s partner? ‘Obsessed’ plays into the idea that a little obsession doesn’t hurt anyone… Most of the time…” 

Firstly, let’s talk about the allure of toxicity, and the themes in this song. What do they mean to you, personally — or are you writing from more of a character standpoint? 

Most therapists would say it’s “toxic and unhealthy” to like someone who lacks a moral compass. I fired my therapist shortly before writing this song… That’s clearly evident in the chorus — where I describe the romantic interest in a glamorized way. Unfortunately, the pre-chorus describes that person with the brutal truth of reality. This is a personal song, however. Selflessly, I wanted to create a clear and relatable visual for the listener. 

To that point, where on a spectrum — from alter ego to the most bare-bones, authentic version of you — does Sophie Powers land? And is that changing the further you go in your career?

Sophie Powers is me. When I’m writing songs and designing clothing, it’s the most me I’ve ever been. My past self was the alter ego. I let go of that past self more and more every day the further I go into my career. I’ve never felt so truly seen and valued until I started releasing music. 

Why do you think your songs, or you rather, go viral? And especially with this one, given the infinite complicated love anthems out there, why do you think it connects so widely — not to mention before it’s even come out.

If I knew the answer to this question, I would have the same amount of Instagram followers as Taylor Swift. I honestly believe half of the time it’s just marketing. Millions of amazing songs go on heard because of marketing. But in terms of the music: I seriously have no idea what makes people connected to my songs. All I can do is be honest, authentic, and hope that someone out there feels more inspired to be authentic themselves. 

Bear with me — long question. Your style, as well as your presence onstage and through sound, has this superhero-like aura that’s really enthralling. What would you say to that point, and how are you exercising that energy on this track?

I love this question because I grew up watching and reading DC comics and anime. I literally have a superhero shrine in my room with 80 Spider-Man comics and Harley Quinn memorabilia. I named my pet fish Wonder Woman when I was 10 also (fun fact). I think that has definitely influenced the way I dress and perform. I want to make people feel like a superhero when they listen to my songs. We see superheroes at their worst, best, and leading the people around them. This song showcases my weakness, aka my horrible romantic taste. Even heroes have their weaknesses. My superhero comic book series is written through music, not book format. 

To that point, it’s something that I see with K-pop figures, so no wonder Ningning caught on. Who are your idols these days, as an artist?

I listen to a lot of K-pop actually and really love Lisa from BLACKPINK‘s charisma as well as Felix from Stray Kids’ adaptability. I also look up to artists like Lady Gaga for her versatility and Grimes for her passion and artistry overall. I also really respect 21 Savage and listen to him often. 

How did Ashley Sienna come into play on this track, and what was that like? Why did she feel like a fit?

Ashley was, and still is, best friends with my high school/songwriter friend Liam Benayon. All of us being from Ontario, Canada, we had a lot in common, and I grew close with Ashley quickly. When I first played her the track, it was just as a friend showing another friend their song. But Ashley loved it and thought it would work well with her manifestation music. She wrote her verse to align with that, and the rest is history.

I’m desperate to talk about working with Bonnie McKee, Camm, Liam, and Mike. What was the very first step you took, or thought to take, in making this song, and how did the process of working with them help it come to fruition?

Mike is my executive producer, and Camm is involved in every song I write, so it’s normally the three of us solemnly. However, Bonnie is such a talented writer. The opportunity to collaborate with her was hard to pass up. Liam Benayon, as I mentioned earlier, is a multifaceted songwriter and producer who I’m unfortunate to have grown up with as a best friend. Bonnie and Liam were close, so it was a no-brainer for all of us to do a session together. This song was written around New Year’s of 2023, so it’s almost been a full year in the works. I was obsessed with a boy from Toronto and hadn’t felt that way for someone in so long! Bonnie and I are so similar, and she understood immediately where I was coming from. Liam, Mike, and Camm being so close to me also understood right away. For that reason, this song practically poured out of us. And it was our first session working together! Absolutely a dream team.


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