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Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun in the style of Type O Negative will warm your cold, black goth heart

It‘s YouTube covers king Denis Pauna’s world. We just live in it



You know the drill by know. YouTube covers dude Denis Pauna covers a band in the style of another band, usually involving Type O Negative in one form or another. We go ‘Hey, look at this!’, the metal internet has a mini-meltdown of excitement, and everybody moves on to the next comedy video coming down the pipe. 

Thing is, we’re not tired of this. So when we saw that yer man had served up another plate of cover-flavoured deliciousness to add to his versions of Alice In Chains’ Rooster in the style of Type O Negative, Metallica’s The Unforgiven in the style of Type O Negative and I‘m A Little Teapot (Short And Stout) in the style of Type Of Negative, we were all in (OK, maybe not so much with that last one).

This time, he’s turned his attentions to Soundgarden’s 1994 mega-hit Black Hole Sun, swapping out the original’s Beatles-y psychedelia for some Peter Steele-patented fuzzed-out grinding and sepuchral piano. Does it work? Of course it works. We’re only surprised it took him so long to get round to it.

Someone give this guy a record deal. No, wait – someone give him his own movie. It’s Denis Pauna’s world. We just live in it.