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Steven Wilson releases Nile Rodgers remix of Personal Shopper

Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers goes to town remixing Steven Wilson’s disco prog anthem Personal Shopper



Steven Wilson has released a video of a new version of his disco prog anthem Personal Shopper that has been remixed by Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers. You can watch the video for the new remix below.

“You can probably tell from Personal Shopper that I grew up hearing a lot of disco music played in the Wilson house, including the classic Chic masterpieces, so it’s an absolute thrill to have Nile stamp his legendary signature sound on the track,” says Wilson.

The original Personal Shopper can be found on. Wilson’s most recent album The Future Bites, which reached No. 4 in the UK album charts earlier this year. Wilson has also released music videos for the tracks Eminent SleazeKing GhostMan Of The People and Self.

Wilson has also announced the opening of The Future Bites™ Covid-Safe Store™ – a place where you can shop with safety at using the latest in “FutureBelt™” technology. Shop with confidence and safety from a conveyor belt for products such as: The Future Bites LP, Teeth Whitener, Limited Edition Boxset, Volcanic Ash Soap, Toilet Roll, Dot Generator, Air, Sunglasses, Detox Drink and more. 

Wilson recently announced that he has decided to cancel touring plans for The Future Bites due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Visit The Future Bites™ Covid-Safe Store™.