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System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian teases new solo track Cyber Criminal

Serj Tankian has shared a snippet of new song Cyber Criminal, taken from his next solo project Cinematique



System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has shared a teaser of new song Cyber Criminal, taken from his upcoming next solo project Cinematique, set to arrive August 6.

Cinematique will be divided into two parts, with Cyber Criminal appearing on the contemporary portion, titled Violent Violins. The project’s classically-inspired part will be called Illuminate. Altogether the duo collection will feature 25 of the frontman’s compositions. 

Cyber Criminal was shared on Tankian’s social media in a short clip displaying a white violin covered in a splatter of blood, with the caption: “Track Cyber Criminal from Cinematique Series Violent Violins coming soon.” 

Violent Violins follows Tankian’s Cool Gardens Poetry Suite project, a collation of “intimate musical landscapes” and poetry, released earlier this month.

Speaking of the collection, the SOAD vocalist said “Cool Gardens Poetry Suite animates the book to where the words come off the page and dance into the auditory canals of listeners sweetened by intimate musical landscapes.”

Earlier this year Tankian released the five-track LP, Elasticity, marking the frontman’s first solo material since 2013’s Orca.

Listen to the Cyber Criminal snippet below: