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System Of A Down’s Sugar sung by animals is literally the funniest thing 2021 has given us so far

Dogs, frogs, pigs, cats, seals and parrots serve up the greatest cover version of a System Of A Down song you’ll hear today



Oh, the internet. You’ve truly excelled yourself today. Just when we thought we’d seen every possible ‘metal song song done in comedy style’ video, a YouTuber calling themselves Insane Cherry has only gone and upped everyone’s covers game.

This hero for our times has covered System Of A Down’s 1998 single Sugar, except Serj Tankian’s vocals have been replaced by a series of singing animals.

“So?” we can hear you sneering. But trust us – this is some next-level genius. Until you’ve heard a menagerie of animals from dogs and cats (standard) to pig, parrots, frogs and seals (come on!) recreating Serj’s stay-away-from-the-scary-man rantings via a series of barks, meows, oinks, ribbits and, uh, whatever noise seals make, you’ve never lived. And watch out for a demented parrot chipping in with some sick beats.

if we were cruel people, we’d say their assorted noises make more sense than the songs original lyrics, but we’re not, so we won’t. Instead, revel in its sheer zoological brilliance, then head over to Insane Cherry’s YouTube channel to check out more of his work and generally salute his genius.