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TesseracT reveal new video game play in visualizer for The Grey

UK prog rockers TesseracT will release their brand new album, War Of Being, in September



UK prog rockers TesseracT have revealed extracts from their brand new computer game War Of Being in their brand new video for The Grey, which you can watch in full below.

The Grey is taken from the band’s upcoming album, also entitled War Of Being, which the quintet will release through Kscope Records on September 15. At the same time, the band have released a brand new video game which explores the conceptual world of War Of Being which helps bring the album’s concept to life.

The Grey explores the story and character within The Strangeland of the same name,” explains bassist Amos Williams, who created the album’s concept and also the new visualiser video for The Grey. “A character who has suppressed their own voice to the point that they have blended into the shadows, their story lost amongst the white noise of the world. Through the song we experience their journey as they wrestle with their frustration and sorrow at how they have ended up this way. 

“It’s a powerful, energetic piece that pushes each member of TesseracT to a next level of musicianship and expression. And continues to shine a light upon the diversity that can be expected from War Of Being.” 

“As a keen gamer and live streamer, I have always understood the potential waiting for a musical project to bridge the gap between the gaming and music worlds and with such a visually stunning concept, I could see that this was the perfect opportunity to bring it to life in virtual reality and as a desktop game,” explains singer Daniel Tompkins.

“This has been without a doubt the biggest project I have personally ever undertaken and is a huge achievement for our developers. It has pushed us to our absolute limits and I’m so proud to have accomplished the beginnings of a fully developed game on Steam.”

The game will be available exclusively on Steam for £4.99 UK and playable in VR on Viva / Rift S and Oculus accompanied by a SteamDeck playable version.

You can download the game here.

War Of Being was recorded with co-producers Peter Miles (Architects/Sylosis) and Katherine Marsh of Choir Noir (Marillion) at Middle Farm Studios with additional engineering by Forrester Savell (Karnivool). The artwork, which features characters ‘ex’ and ‘el’ was created in collaboration between AI and human as a means to extend the album concept into its presentation.

Tesseract have previously released a video for the album’s 11-minute epic title track which you can watch here.

Pre-order War Of Being.