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That brilliant Smokey Robinson versus Armored Saint mash-up you never knew you needed has arrived

Mash-up maestro Bill Mc Clintock pairs Smokey Robinson with Armored Saint to create Mutiny at the Go-Go



Online mash-up maestro Bill McClintock has a way of making us think about music in entirely new ways. Who among us has ever pondered what Armored Saint would sound like if the LA metal crew were fronted by Motown legend Smokey Robinson? We’re gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that the answer here is ‘No-one’, which is why they pay McClintock the big bucks, probably.

If you’re not familiar with McClintock’s mash-up skills, may we point you towards a handful of his elite creations which answer never-asked questions such as how Judas Priest would sound with Rick James on vocals, how Metallica might sound if they covered Huey Lewis and The News or what madness might result from pitting Slipknot against The Spice Girls.

All fine examples of the great man’s art, and here’s another one:

The comments below McClintock’s latest masterpiece are almost exclusively positive.

“One of the greatest things about this genre is exemplified by me not even knowing about Armored Saint & now becoming a fan,” writes ‘catholicdad’, while ‘Miley on Disney’ adds “You never cease to ASTOUND me with the combinations you come up with. Bravo!” A third commenter, Unperson, states “How can this be? After hearing this, it is hard to imagine either song having been written without the other in mind. McClintock, Master of the Mashup.”

We await more blessings from the God Of Mash-Ups in due course.