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The 1975’s Matty Healy tells Oasis’ Noel and Liam Gallagher to “grow up” and get “the coolest band in the world” back together

The on-going war of words between mouthy Manc siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher may make for great headlines, but one super-fan thinks the brothers should bury the hatchet, reform Oasis and “have a laug”



The 1975‘s Matty Healy has stepped up and said aloud what every right-thinking music fan has been thinking for the past decade: that perpetually-feuding siblings Noel and Liam Gallagher should “grow up”, kiss and make up, and get Oasis back together.

In a December TV interview with Canadian broadcasters CBC’s Q with Tim Power show, newly posted on YouTube yesterday, February 2, The 1975’s frontman expressed his frustration with the brothers’ inability to patch up their differences and reform their stadium-filling band.

“What aren Oasis doing?” Healy fumes. “Can you imagine? Being in, potentially, right now, still, the coolest band in the world, and not doing it because you’re in a mard [that’s ‘sulk’ or ‘strop’ for those unfamiliar with Northern England’s slang] with your brother. Do you know what I mean? I can deal with them dressing like they’re in their twenties, and being in their fifties, but acting like they’re in their twenties? They need to grow up.”

“And Liam isn’t the problem, I don’t think,” Healy tells Power. “What are they doing? Like, Oasis, the first two albums… both arguably in the top ten best albums of all time… Stop marding!”

“They’re like, men of the people, and they’re sat around in Little Venice and Highgate crying over an argument with their brother? Grow up! Headline Glastonbury, have a good time, have a laugh. Like, it’s all, like, [adopts gruff, vaguely Noel Gallagher-esque, accent] ‘Would you go on holiday with your ex-missus?… It’s like, I don’t know, have a chat with her, sort it out!”

By this point in his little rant, Healy is so worked up that he grits his teeth and looks, for a moment, like he might start ripping out clumps of his rather immaculately styled hair. Power then gently suggests that going on holiday with an ex-partner isn’t quite the same as patching up a relationship with a family member.

“Exactly!” an infuriated Healy replies. “You’re getting paid like, £200 million! And you’re Oasis! Because there’s not one kid, there is not one person, going to a High Flying Birds gig, or a Liam Gallagher gig, that would not rather be at an Oasis gig. There is not one person that’s there going, ‘You know what? I loved Definitely Maybe, but my favourite thing is fucking Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds…’ Do me a favour! Get back together, stop messing around!”

“That’s my Public Service Announcement for today,” says Healy, calming down. “It’s what Oasis need to hear. And I say that because they’re the best band ever.”

Watch the full interview with Matty Healy below: