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The best new songs this week come from Blondshell and midwxst

We’re rounding up the best new songs of the week on Sound Station. From Blondshell to midwxst, these are our favorite new releases. Continue reading…



Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Blondshell, Frost Children, midwxst, and more.

Blondshell’s “Joiner” disguises bleakness with Britpop

Blondshell taps into the magic of ’90s alt-rock through squalling guitars, tender vocals, and lyrics as smart as Fiona Apple. With her new single “Joiner,” however, Sabrina Teitelbaum calls upon another of her loves by way of jangly Britpop. Alongside wry lines that reference HBO, Radiohead, and sketchy drug runs, Teitelbaum falters between choosing self-destruction or salvation. And just wait for the bridge at the three-minute mark, which is alluring enough to have you run through the song straight from the top. —Neville Hardman

Frost Children want to “cut the shit” in love on “FLATLINE” 

Experience what’s basically the entirety of a club set in the form of a song on “FLATLINE.” From New York scenesters and sibling hyperpop duo Frost Children, the song follows a pulsating house beat that’s at first quixotic as Angel Prost sings, “Flatline, my love is blind,” before more playful sounds get added to the mix. It eventually culminates into chaos, as they yell, “Cut the shit/Are you fucking with me?” They may be advising against being blind in love, but Frost Children are so fun. If it was possible, we might just attempt flatlining on the middle of the dance floor with them if they asked. —Sadie Bell

midwxst taps Denzel Curry for a vintage Hollywood flick with “Tally”

Indiana rapper midwxst is kicking off a year that’s sure to set him apart with his fiery new single, “Tally.” Rife with hedonism and bravado, midwxst raps about a girl running around his head overtop Spanish guitar and horns. Denzel Curry’s appearance is especially potent, delivering a nimble verse that packs in references as towering as Davey Jones’ Locker and Kobe Bryant. But its accompanying black-and-white mobster video, set in Bel Air, California circa 1944, is the real knockout, flinging the duo back into Hollywood’s golden age in what feels like only a trailer for greater things to come. —Neville Hardman

Victoria Park’s “Another Regret” is a breakup anthem that calls back ’00s hitmakers

Victoria Anthony is back with another fiery pop-punk anthem. Pairing the precocious lyrics of Taylor Swift and the unwavering confidence of Hayley Williams, the burgeoning teen musician delivers a cathartic breakup anthem about “a ghost of a failed relationship” that channels the ethos of early aughts stalwarts. It’s a departure from her more candy-coated bops like “Kinda Into You” or “Dirty Lipstick,” but proves she’s not too comfortable being boxed in. —Ilana Kaplan

Love Under The Sun’s “DNA” is emo-gaze at its finest 

Love Under The Sun‘s debut single for Outlast Records, “DNA,” brings back the emo-gaze sound that dominated the mid-2010s scene — but with a modern twist. The song from singer-songwriter John Michael Mukai‘s latest project contains stacks of thick guitars, reverberated melodies, midtempo rhythms, and direct, impassioned vocals that balance moments of aggression with soft falsettos. While you can trace the song’s influences back to scene veterans like Balance and Composure, Teenage Wrist, and Failure, Love Under The Sun has found a unique way to fuse nostalgia with glossy production that breathes new life into an already classic sound. —Alessandro DeCaro

Allow Hello Mary’s distorted guitars on “Spiral” make you spin out of control

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to meet Hello Mary. The Brooklyn-based trio (featuring bass player Mikaela Oppenheimer, vocalist/guitarist Helena Straight, drummer/vocalist Stella Wave) make indie rock that hinges on ’90s nostalgia, from shoegaze to grunge, and they’ve been making waves in the New York scene in the past year — even though Straight and Oppenheimer just graduated from high school. This week they dropped their latest single, “Spiral,” off their self-titled debut, which is due out March 3 via Frenchkiss Records. It’s full of distortion and harmonies that could put you into a trance, just as much as it could make you want to spiral out of control. —Sadie Bell

LOVBREAKERS are keeping Britpop alive and well on “Spark” 

In case you were worried about the state of Britpop in 2023, it is very much alive and well, especially on the U.K. quartet LOVEBREAKERS’ latest single, “Spark.” Channeling their apparent love of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, “Spark” features witty and at times snarky vocal deliveries that would have given even seasoned rockstars like Liam Gallagher a run for their money. With wailing guitar solos and a touch of playful anarchy, “Spark” further proves that the Brits will always know their way around penning timeless rock music, no matter the decade. —Alessandro DeCaro

PACKS share folk-rock delight “4th of July”

One listen of PACKS and you’re sure to be endeared to singer-songwriter Madeline Link‘s dazed, almost whine-like delivery and pronunciation. Take the Canadian band’s new song “4th of July” off the upcoming Crispy Crunchy Nothing, for instance: Few can draw out “yeah” or declare they have “no fucking clue what’s going on” so charmingly. The song falls somewhere between folk rock and slacker rock, and while Link may be pondering the significance of modern Americana and hedonism, it’s a delight — like, well, chilling out lakeside on the Fourth of July. —Sadie Bell


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