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The best new songs this week come from Yves Tumor, Carlie Hanson

Our next installment of Sound Station is here wrapping up our top tracks of the week. Head into the weekend with songs from Yves Tumor, Carlie Hanson, sadie, and more. Continue reading…



Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Yves Tumor, Caroline Polachek, Carlie Hanson, and more.

Yves Tumor’s “Echolalia” is a sign of greater things to come

Yves Tumor’s last era exploded with hedonism, glam-rock fury, and the carnal cry of Prince. Now, the boundary-pushing artist is entering another with their imminent fifth studio album, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds). New single “Echolalia” sets the scene, rife with post-punk groove, buoyant vocals, and recurring themes of religion. As always, Yves Tumor’s world is bolstered by collaboration, including credits from producer Noah Goldstein (Frank Ocean, Bon Iver), Elliott Kozel (aka Gloomer), Ecco2K, and more. —Neville Hardman

Caroline Polachek pulls out the bagpipes and mysticism on “Blood and Butter”

You ever hear a song and think, “This sure could use more bagpipes?” Well, that’s where alt-pop star Caroline Polachek’s mind went with the latest single off her upcoming sophomore album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You (out Feb. 14). “Blood and Butter” dropped this week and it sounds almost like a Celtic faerie ritual with bagpipes from Brìghde Chaimbeul bursting onto the track about three-quarters of the way through and Polachek’s nymph-like voice harmonizing with itself. It’s magical — but that only makes sense, because isn’t that how it feels when you feel closer to someone, “closer than [their] new tattoo.” —Sadie Bell

Carlie Hanson gets dreamy with “Blueberry Pancakes”

Carlie Hanson‘s latest single will have you wanting to hit up your favorite brunch spot with haste. On “Blueberry Pancakes,” the rising artist continues to stun with catchy vulnerability. In the accompanying visual, tender scenes of late-night cooking sessions, drizzling syrup on a hot stack of pancakes, and lighting joints in the dead of winter drive home her message of keeping loved ones close. —Neville Hardman

Hyperpop singer/producer sadie is up “all night” fantasizing about a crush

We’ve all been there: lying in bed and unable to fall asleep because of how much your mind is racing. Sometimes, though — like when there’s a new crush in your life or someone on the other side of the screen, keeping you awake with witty texts — the late-night fantasizing is worth it. That’s what Brooklyn-based singer/producer sadie (aka Anna Schwab) explores on the lead single off her upcoming Tides EP, which is out April 7 and co-produced by Wet’s Joe Valle. With a fizzy beat that revivals those feelings of butterflies, accompanying sadie repeating, “You got me/Up all night/But I don’t mind,” it sounds like something that could’ve fit in nicely on Charli XCX’s Pop 2. Put sadie on and let your saccharine feelings run wild. —Sadie Bell

babyfang’s “Crush Me” is surreal punk that foreshadows end times

Brooklyn trio babyfang make songs that conjure Bad Brains’ spellbinding live shows, with the band able to travel from blistering punk to a temporary dreamlike state within minutes. “Crush Me” captures the feeling of the latter, sounding like one long swirl overtop lyrics that reflect the band’s terror, rage, and joy (“Life’s been crushing us up/Glad I’m crushing on you”). Their debut album, In The Face Of, out now via LUCIDHAUS, offers plenty more of that raw emotion, and fans of Enumclaw, Rico Nasty, and Maneka are sure to fall in love. —Neville Hardman

Surf-rock band Sun Room capture youthful abandon and SoCal sun on “Kaden’s Van”

You know that meme that goes, “We all have that one unemployed friend at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday,” and it’ll be paired with a video of Lana Del Rey driving with one foot out the window? That’s the type of vibe of the charming surf-rock song “Kaden’s Van” by the San Diego-based band Sun Room. Singing of youthful abandon — having no plans and no job, but access to a friend’s van and a day wide-open with possibility — it’s a track that is so fun it might just inspire you to play hooky yourself. Allow these garage-rockers to bring some SoCal sun into your life. —Sadie Bell

Unknown Mortal Orchestra leave broken places behind with “Layla”

Ever since their anonymous debut on Bandcamp, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have made psych-soul music that feels culled from a dream. Fresh from the announcement of their forthcoming album, V, the breezy new single “Layla” pushes that idea even further. Ruban Nielson sings of ditching town and escaping into the greater unknown with his love over a wobbly guitar, kicking into a solo in the final minute that’s sure to hit even better on his upcoming tour. —Neville Hardman


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