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The brand new Metal Hammer podcast is an Architects special

Hear our big review of the new Architects album on the Metal Hammer Podcast



What? It’s the weekend already? You’re shitting us. That can only mean one thing. 

That’s right. The new Metal Hammer podcast has landed.

This week, we’re focussing on Architects, as Merl, El and Steve dissect the Brighton heroes’ immense and complex new album, For Those That Wish To Exist, and look into their history so far, why it’s an achievement that this album could be made at all, and what this album means for their career from here. 

The dynamic, er, trio also decide which guest spot on For Those That Wish To Exist worked the best – Parkway Drive‘s Winston McCall, Royal Blood‘s Mike Kerr or Biffy Clyro‘s Simon Neil, plus we pick our favourite tracks and discuss whether there’s a glass ceiling for a band like Architects. 

The Metal Hammer podcast. Architects. You know the drill