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The Butterfly Effect return with video for hard-hitting new single So Tired

Australian prog rockers The Butterfly Effect will release their first album for 14 years in 2022



Australian prog rock quartet The Butterfly Effect have released a video for their hard-hitting new single So Tired, which you can watch below. At the same time the band announce that they will release their latest album, the band’s first since 2008’s Final Conversation Of Kings, in 2022.

“We’ve got a new album coming in 2022, the next single is also ready to go, it’s a savage tune and will be dropping in February,” says drummer Ben Hall. “Phattest riff Puddles has written in 20 years. We’re hoping Covid restrictions will ease and Glenn can join us for the next studio sessions, making the experience more of a traditional recording scenario, minimal internet, lots of noise kind of thing.”

“This song is about excess; this song is about us,” says  lead guitarist Kurt Goedhart of So Tired. “We started this band, then before we knew it, it became ‘hold on for your dear lives!’ We were in a cycle of writing, touring, recording, touring – and above all else, we were partying NON-STOP.  If you wanna know what it is like to live that life, there is no better explanation than this song.”

Frontman Clint Boge adds; “This song to me represents an internal battle we will most likely all face at one time in our lives. Depression, anxiety, fear, anger and a sense of hopelessness are all part of that battle. How do you deal with it on a day to day basis? How do you get through it? It can grind us down, leave us empty, with nothing in the ‘tank’.  It can be a hell that some of us will struggle with for a long time,” he continues, “Finding a temporary comfort can lead to a life long fight, climbing out of a hole dug by us. The grind is real, it’s groundhog day every day and it’s tiring and can cripple even the toughest of us. We have experienced these feelings and have come out the other side this is that story.” 

Get So Tired.