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The Internet has decided that Sleep Token are metal’s sexiest new band

It looks like Sleep Token’s recently released single The Summoning has got everyone in a frisky mood



If you’ve been anywhere near online rock circles recently, you may have noticed a sudden rise in the chatter around Sleep Token, with everyone totally enamoured by their recently released new singles. 

On TikTok, for example, hundreds of new videos are popping up all over the place from music bloggers and metalheads filming their reactions to the anonymous British collective’s recent offerings, such as Chokehold, Granite, and Aqua Regia.

One thing we’ve noticed, however, is the crazy amount of fans that seem particularly attracted to the band’s latest single, The Summoning – and it’s for a reason we weren’t totally expecting. While the near-seven-minute prog metal epic is certainly one hell of a track, it’s one part in particular, around five minutes in, when the song flips into a funky, bass-warping interlude, that’s got people feeling a little…hot under the collar. The segment features masked frontman Vessel crooning the ever-so-seductive lyrics: ‘Oh, and my love / Did I mistake you for a sign from God / Or are you really here to cut me off? / Or maybe just to turn me on’ and ‘I didn’t wish that I could be your man / Or maybe make a good girl bad’. 

Frisky TikTok users are now making videos soundtracked with the interlude by the hundreds, and they’re being liked and watched by fans in the thousands. In fact, the hashtag #TheSummoning now has over a staggering 7M views on the platform.

In one clip, a listener nonchalantly sits with a thoughtful expression on his face while a caption reads: “The way hearing this song makes me immediately feel the need to go convince my doctor I need a vasectomy”. The video has almost 400K views and over 70K likes.

There’s plenty more suggestive declarations out there, too, with another fan stating: “this song will single-handedly be responsible for the next baby boom”.

Another user notes: “Sleep Token did not just give me, a single woman, baby making music, in this economy?”. 

One video, which has over 100K likes, shows a woman casually perched by her car, deep in thought, with the caption “the emo children that will be made because of this song”. 

Meanwhile, the less, shall we say, in-heat fans, are simply marvelling at the song’s complete disregard for genre boundaries. 

“Sleep Token just put this funk drop 45 seconds after a breakdown there are no rules for metalcore in 2023,” writes one excited metalhead. Repeating this sentiment, another listener declares in a video: “there are no more rules for metal”, which has amassed over 50K views. 

Following this new boom of devotees, and the ground-breaking success of their recent UK tour, it looks like things are certainly heating up now for Sleep Token.

Check out some of the videos below, or make your way to #TheSummoning hashtag on TikTok for more.

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