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The Latest: Waterparks’ red era is far from over and more

The latest, from Waterparks to Frank Ocean and more. This is our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style. Continue reading…



Welcome to The Latest, our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style. 

Waterparks’ new music video is a Technicolor trip

Waterparks just dropped a flashy music video for their latest single “SELF-SABOTAGE.” Awsten Knight greets viewers at the beginning of the visual bathed in deep-red light by giving a humorous Michael McDonald-esque take on the song. Just after, viewers are treated to a Technicolor mash-up of live tour footage. The video’s penchant for bright visuals is matched by the song’s intensity. Each chorus is ended by Knight going on a hair-raising vocal run, and every time, the video’s camera angle darts around wildly, unable to hold in its excitement. Check out the “SELF-SABOTAGE” video in all its fish-eye glory below.

ROTATE enters Web3 with its latest drop

Copenhagen-based fashion label ROTATE is making its debut into the world of NFTs. The label is releasing its own NFT alongside a digital dress that you can wear using Snapchat’s augmented reality features. The dress is also being released as a series of NFTs, available exclusively via THE DEMATERIALISED. ROTATE is also offering a package priced at $817 that includes an AR experience, an animated .mp4 collectible and a limited-edition physical THERESA dress. The dress’ NFT counterpart is priced at $82. Both the physical and digital dresses will be available Aug. 11.

Be the proud owner of a diamond-studded Frank Ocean cock ring for the low price of $25,000

Frank Ocean‘s luxury brand Homer is making waves with its new release. The latest drop includes the XXXL H-Bone Ring, a diamond-encrusted 18-karat gold cock ring worth $25,000. There are also other styles of the cock ring available at a lower price for anyone who’s apprehensive about dropping a quarter of a million dollars on nether region regalia. The collection also features pendants, earrings and a keychain. Ocean launched Homer last August. Previous collections featured dolls, dogs and demonic figures all rendered from precious metals. The collection is available starting Aug. 11 online or at Homer’s physical store in New York City (by appointment).

Megan thee Stallion has the acting world in her sights

Megan thee Stallion made her return to the acting world by guest-starring in an episode of P-Valley. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show’s creator revealed she found out Megan was a fan of the show when two cast members appeared in one of Megan’s videos. Hall wrote a part for Megan hoping she would accept, and the rest is history. For her guest appearance, Megan plays her alter-ego Tina Snow and performs an unreleased song called “Get It On The Floor” with J. Alphonse Nicholson‘s character Lil Murda.

BLACKPINK’s upcoming tour is setting records

BLACKPINK are set to embark on their most extensive world tour yet. Billed as the “largest world tour in the history of a K-pop girl group,” the tour includes shows in South Korea, the U.S., Canada and Europe. Additionally, in early 2023, BLACKPINK have shows scheduled in South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. BLACKPINK also recently announced their new song, “Pink Venom.” The comeback track is scheduled to drop Aug. 19.


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