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The Murder Capital share ‘pure frustration’ pandemic anthem Return My Head: “Our sanity had been unwillingly removed”

Listen to Return My Head, single four from Dublin post-punks The Murder Capital’s new album Gigi’s Recovery



The Murder Capital have shared a fourth preview of their forthcoming second album Gigi’s Recovery, in the form of new single Return My Head.

Return My Head was written in a place of pure frustration, feeling like our sanity had been unwillingly removed through periods of isolation,” says the Dublin post-punk band’s vocalist James McGovern.

“All I wanted at this point was to get my head back, and to throw it away again. But on my own terms.”

The single is accompanied by a camcorder-shot video directed by The Murder Capital bassist Gabriel Paschal Blake.

“I wanted to show the rag dolling that can occur to us going from one state of being to another, while always remaining being the same person,” says Blake.

Watch it below:

Gigi’s Recovery is listed among Louder’s 10 new albums coming later this year to get hugely excited about right now. The Murder Capital have already released three singles from the album, A Thousand Lives, Only Good Things and Ethel.

Influenced, they say, by Radiohead, Jim Morrison, T.S. Eliot and Frank Sinatra, the 12-track album is described as a reflection of the Dublin band’s coming of age.

“We lost our fucking minds writing this record, I’m not gonna lie,” James McGovern told a London audience last year. “We took our time because we felt we owed it to the fans and to ourselves to make a record that matters, to you, and to us.”

The quintet will tour the UK and Ireland in February.

James McGovern says, “The greatest thing about making a record is touring a record. The connection we make and the energy created at our live shows is the highest point for us. We can’t wait to meet new faces in the crowds, and to see this record under the new light that each and every one of you will shine on it. No better place to be than in the centre of it all.”