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The Network return with a chaotic performance of Threat Level Midnight on US TV

Watch masked punk rockers The Network (aka Green Day) blast through new song Threat Level Midnight on The Jimmy Fallon Show



The Network, otherwise known as the rumoured side-project of Green Day, returned to the stage last weekend to give a chaos-fuelled performance of Threat Level Midnight on The Jimmy Fallon Show. 

Not only was the performance their first live show since 2005, it also marked The Network’s debut TV appearance in aid of last year’s Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So album.

Naturally, the band returned to old habits, reigniting their customary beef with rival band Green Day shortly after the performance via social media, stating “No other band in the world, not even the lowly Green Day, could ever bring the people a performance that looked and sounded so divine”, declaring their TV appearance a “Transmission success”. By the way, The Network would also like you to know that they are not under any circumstances, the American punk rock trio in disguise. 

Later on, the actual Green Day posted about the set, explaining “so many insane rumours about these guys being us…”

“We have nothing but the highest level of respect and admiration for Questlove, but even he thinks we’re The Network?!”

Of course, The Network were sporting their usual face coverings, a wardrobe choice that – although very appropriate for the current climate – was adopted years ago to hide their identity. The show ended with the masked six-piece trashing the stage, flipping their instruments and smashing glass over each other’s backs, because really, who are The Network without a little anarchy? (Certainly not Green Day, that’s for sure…).

Basically, either Green Day are rock’s greatest ever trolls, or there’s been some kind of hilarious 17 year long mix up. Until the mystery is solved, you can try work it out for yourselves by watching The Network’s performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show below.

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