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The Vintage Caravan wield immense, primal riffs on the aptly titled Monuments

Out now: behold the glory of the riff on Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan’s fifth album Monuments



It would be difficult to imagine a more appropriate title for album number five from Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan; Monuments is immense, primal heavy rock, with the influence of Black Sabbath, Cream, Led Zeppelin and sundry proto-metal bands running deep within its groovy veins. 

Much like their earlier albums, really, except that this time round there seems to be an even greater focus on strong melodies and songcraft. 

Full-flight opener Whispers reels around an instantly memorable riff and chorus; Dark Times blazes like a psychedelic Iron Maiden; Torn In Two seems, basically, to be a wonderful excuse for a ferocious guitar solo. 

At eight minutes-plus each, the two cosmic yin and yang standouts, though, must be middle track Forgotten and closer Clarity, the former fast and thrashy with bags of old-school attack, the latter lysergically mellow and dreamy, with a lengthy instrumental ending. 

The Vintage Caravan just get better and better.