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The whole of Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power in the style of Metallica is the kick your day needs

Pantera collides with Metallica in metal’s ultimate clash of the titans



If there’s one thing that’s kept us going through the last few months – aside from vast quantities of booze – it’s YouTuber Denis Pauna’s versions of various classic songs in the style of Type O Negative.

Now our man has turned his attention to two entirely different bands, covering all 11 songs from Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power in the style of late ’80s Metallica.

Granted, he’s only reimagined snippets of each track rather than the full song, meaning we don’t get to hear what Kirk Hammett would sound like playing Dimebag Darrell’s solos. And while it’s not quite as laugh-out-loud funny as his goth-metal mash-ups, it’s still intriguing to hear the groove of Pantera’s filtered through Metallica’s crunch – not to mention a tantalising glimpse of what James Hetfield would sound like singing Mouth For War.

Check out the vid then head over to Denis Pauna’s YouTube channel to see all the other delights on offer.