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The world may not be ready for this Journey Vs Mudvayne version of Don’t Stop Believin’

Did anyone order a nu-metal take on Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’? Because it‘s here now, and maybe it shouldn’t be



The second single from Journey’s seventh studio album, Escape, the popularity of Don’t Stop Believin’ far outstrips the US Top 10 chart placing it secured after its initial release in October 1981. Remarkably, it’s the best-selling digital track of the 20th century, with over seven million copies sold in the US alone, its popularity boosted by its inclusion in scores of TV shows, from Glee and South Park through to its iconic appearance in the very last scene of New Jersey mob drama The Sopranos. To steal a headline phrase from our pals at Classic Rock magazine, it is ‘the song that wouldn’t die’

With that said, William Maranci, a self-professed “mashup madman” from Massachusetts, has taken a damn good shot at burying the song forever with his decision to meld Journey‘s optimistic, empowering anthem with er, Dig, by nu-metal also-rans Mudvayne. In the comments section below this perplexing artistic artefect, YouTube user Vollmond has written “William was sent here to end humanity and this is his weapon”, which might be a slight over-reaction, but then again… maybe not.


Those wishing to dive further into a Don’t Stop Believin’ wormhole/hellhole might care to check out UK YouTuber LadBaby’s unique interpretation of the song, which topped the UK singles chart at Xmas, but we really wouldn’t recommend it.