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The world might not yet be ready for this Rage Against The Machine vs Blackpink mash-up

Listen to Pink Venom On Parade, quite possibly the world’s first RATM/Blackpink mash-up



Part of the joy of mash-ups, as mix maestros such as Bill McClintock and DJ Cummerbund would doubtless agree, is the juxtaposition of highly, highly unlikely bedfellows in perfect harmony.

It’s why we loved when McClintock pitted Slipknot against The Spice Girls and united nu metal daddies Disturbed with Latin pop sensation Macarena, or when DJ Cummerbund hooked up Lizzo and Linkin Park, and Ozzy Osbourne and the Beach Boys

So, big respect to YouTuber vixoria drift who’s created a musical monster by splicing together rap-metal titans Rage Against The Machine (specifically 1996 single Bulls On Parade) and K-Pop superstars Blackpink (with recent single Pink Venom) to devastating effect.

Listen to the magic unfold with Pink Venom On Parade below:

If this hits the spot for you, there are a number of other intriguing options on Ms drift’s YouTube page, including Charli XCX vs System Of A Down, Fiona Apple vs Dead Kennedys and Slipknot vs Demi Lovato, to name but three. 

We look forward to hearing what delicious wrong-ness she’ll cook up next.

In related news, Blackpink have just announced a 36-date world tour that aims to be the “largest world tour in the history of a K-pop girl group”, to take place following the September 16 release of their new album Born Pink. But, to be fair, you probably didn’t come here for Blackpink news…