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There’s now a heavy metal version of Heardle to separate true metalheads from poseurs

Heardle, the audio-based Wordle spin-off, has been given a heavy metal makeover for this new version



After Wordle, aka the word-solving puzzle game, conquered the world, tech-heads and music nerds put their buzzing brains together to make their very own version, known as Heardle. 

If you’re familiar with this audio spin-off, you may have been disappointed to hear that the music featured on the game is mostly songs lifted from mainstream charts.

But fear not, thanks to one mastermind, Jack Pudwell, we now have our very own heavy metal edition, which incorporates the music of bands such as Metallica, Type O Negative, Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osbourne, Tool and more.

If you’re bored of pulling your hair out over Wordle, and want to explore more Heardle versions, you might be interested in Weezer’s Weezle. There’s also a Paramore Heardle and a Muse Heardle!

And, if you’re unsure about the rules of Wordle and Heardle, here’s what you need to know. Where the original game requires the player to guess a hidden word in no more than six tries, the Heardle user must name the song that’s being played on the game within six 1.5 second segmented snippets.

If you’re unable to name the song straight away, the player can continue on to the next go, where they’ll be able to hear more of the track until they recognise it.

On Wordle, clues are given by the letters you’ve already placed. If they turn green, the letter is in the right spot of the secret word. If they turn orange, it’s in the word but not in the right spot, and if it’s grey, the letter isn’t in it at all. Got it?

Heardle away to your heart’s desire on the metal Heardle website.