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Therion release new fantasy-themed video for Eye Of Algol

Swedish prog metallers Therion released their latest album Leviathan in January



Swedish prog metallers Therion have released a new fantasy-themed video for Eye Of Algol which you can watch in full below.

Eye Of Algol is taken from the band’s most recent album Leviathan, their seventeenth, which was released through Nuclear Blast Records in January.

Eye Of Algol refers to the ‘demon star’ Algol (“al-ġūl” means “the demon” in Arabic), a multiple star consisting of three separate stars that has an ominous connotation in astrology, which is also referenced in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The video features performances by lead singers Rosalía Sairem and Thomas Vikström, whose voices can both be heard in the song, as well as mythical creatures, blood, fire and swordfights, picking up where its predecessors, Tuonela and Die Wellen der Zeit left off.

Leviathan is available as a CD jewelcase, CD digipak, Ltd. CD digipak with patch (Ltd. to 500/mail order only), black vinyl LP, clear vinyl LP (Ltd. to 300), gold vinyl LP (Ltd. to 300/mail order only) and silver vinyl LP (Ltd. to 600/USA exclusive).

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