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These classic album sleeves with googly eyes stuck on them are weirdly brilliant

Instagram account @recordswithgooglyeyes collects submissions from music-lovers who stick googly eyes onto famous records, because The Internet



If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that the weirder side of human nature tends to flourish when lockdown boredom gets a bit too much. But Instagram user @recordswithgooglyeyes was bored even before it was cool, and started up their weirdly brilliant account before the pandemic was even a glimmer in 2020’s eye. Probably the strangest hobby we’ve ever come across – but fantastic all the same – their Insta account does what it says on the tin and collects images of googly eyes stuck onto record sleeves.

If you’ve ever wondered what the baby on Nirvana’s Nevermind record looks like with googly eyes stuck into its sockets, or even googly eyes stuck onto the derriere of St Vincent on her album Masseducation, this is the place for you. Our favourite has to be the one of The Prodigy’s Music For The Jilted Generation, where the googly eyes almost seem like part of the original artwork.

What makes this account unique is that they seem to take this pastime of theirs very seriously. In fact, in the bio, there’s an excel sheet you can find that lists all the past creations and the date it was created. We’re not sure why, but at least they’re thorough. 

Of course, if you fancy contributing to the account, why not blow off the dust from your records and give them the googly-eyed treatment? The result, as seen here, is pretty genius. After all, many of us are still in lockdown and there’s only so much banana bread left to bake.