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This 17-year-old TikTok shredder has given a Foo Fighters’ hit the blazing solo it deserves

Jasmine Star supplies the Foo Fighters’ track Shame Shame with a helpful serving of guitar-shredding wizardry



TikTok, the internet’s holy ground of unconventional creativity, is home to the crème de la crème of content creators. From the serial meme-ers and quick-witted comedians to the inexplicably talented musicians, the platform is one of the most effective ways to plug in, tune out, and settle in for hours of entertainment. 

One of the TikTokkers that are contributing to the crop is 17-year-old shredder Jasmine Star. Combining her awe-inspiring musical ability with her knack for improvisation, the guitarist has provided an original solo to Foo Fighters’ track Shame Shame, taken from their latest album Medicine At Midnight.

As she rips through the fiendishly brilliant cover, there’s one thing that springs to mind – Shame Shame really could have done with a few extra licks or two. Or maybe that’s just the power of Jasmine’s shredding abilities talking, who knows? Either way, consider our minds blown.

Jasmine has racked up a total of 168K followers so far:  It’s not surprising, for she’s also a talented vocalist, pianist and songwriter. 

In her other videos, you can find Jasmine shredding along to songs by Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Metallica and many more.

Watch the cover below:


New 95.5 KLOS Jasmine Jams up now!! Had a ton of fun writing a solo to duet @foofightersofficial on Shame Shame 🤘 ##foofighters ##medicineatmidnight

♬ original sound – Jasmine Star Music