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This AC/DC vs N.E.R.D. mash-up is pure filth and quite possibly the work of Satan

What sort of filthy animal would let AC/DC’s Back In Black bump uglies with N.E.R.D.’s strip club banger Lapdance?



A Top 20 hit for Pharrell Williams’ scattershot side project N.E.R.D. when first released in 2001, Lapdance isn’t a song which requires too much intellectual unpacking. Basically it’s soft-core audio porn for nu-metal loving teenage boys who dream of one day taking a Babestation ‘glamour girl’ for a cheeky Nandos. It’s also a big favourite at strip clubs, we’ve been reliably informed.

Despite possessing all the sexual allure of three-day-old roadkill, AC/DC aren’t averse to serving up a bit of blue now and again either. Think Given The Dog A Bone, Let Me Put My Love Into You Girl or perennial pole dance fave You Shook Me All Night Long, all three located on Back In Black, Brian Johnson’s debut bow with Young brothers.

Imagine the horny mess that would result then from bringing together the title track of Back In Black and N.E.RD.’s signature anthem: in face, save your breath, for we know a man who’s already done the heavy listing for you, and all you have to is lend it your ears for the duration: thank you DJ Cummberbund.

Regular visitors to the site may be aware of our affection for DJ Cummerbund. Who can forget his delightful pairing of Ozzy and the Beach Boys, or indeed Pretty Fly For Rasputin, with The Offspring in cahoots with er, Boney M.

Truly, these are the best days of our lives.