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This country version of Paramore’s Misery Business is exactly what the world needs right now

YouTuber Alex Melton has given Paramore’s signature anthem Misery Business a country-style makeover



Back in the mid-noughties,  Paramore were the ultimate torchbearers of all things emo and moody, waving the flag for the scene with a catalogue of songs fuelled entirely from the perils of teen angst. 

Flash forward a good ten years, and Hayley Williams’ band can now be found championing indie bubble-gum pop. Growth is a good thing, obviously, but – and we’re sure many fans will agree – we can’t entirely let go of those more innocent days where Misery Business stormed the charts, and skinny jeans were a second skin – even if the band have forgone the song from their setlists themselves.

One fan keeping the Misery Business flame alive is Alex Melton, a highly-skilled YouTuber with the power to cover your favourite songs in any genre you fancy. Last month, he transformed Paramore’s early days signature anthem into a country ballad, and honestly, it worked out way better than we expected. 

Sure, the cover is a complete softening of the original, removing all traces of Paramore’s youthful spunk, but that warm ‘n fuzzy country twang is a sure-fire winner to boost your spirits within these Hard Times (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Plus, he’s even cleverly renamed the track Missouri Business – if this doesn’t warm your cockles we don’t know what will.

And if you enjoyed that, then we humbly suggest you check out Melton’s other creations, including a square dance cover of Panic! At the Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies (I Write Sins Not Tractors) and Blink-182’s I Miss You (I Miss Y’all). No, really.