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This husky howling over metal riffs sounds so evil it could possibly summon the Devil

Guitarist Logan Young blasts out brutal riffs over the sound of a troubled husky howling like a screaming demon, and it’s pretty gnarly



Yesterday, we brought to you news of the band Cattera, a heavy metal band fronted by a cat, inspired by Pantera and Iron Maiden. Today, we have another example from the niche-but-utterly-marvellous category of pet metal (which is a term we’ve just coined, right here and now).

In a new TikTok, guitarist Logan Young of the band Reflections – who goes by the name Dal Av for solo projects – serves up some devilishly brutal hardcore riffs. This isn’t any ordinary demonstration of talent however, for Young is riffing over a video, provided by Nico, Jackson & Zoey, a TikTok account dedicated to capturing the lives of two huskies and a golden retriever.

In the latter video, one of the huskies seems to awaken from a slumber, before letting out a particularly loud howl. The difference is, the dog’s howl is more like a scream; an earth-shattering shreik into the abyss that sounds like what you might expect to hear when entering the demon-infested gates of Hell itself.

His unholy howl, then, is the perfect accompaniment for Young’s riff blitz. Could we be seeing the birth of the next great pet-fronted metal band? One can only dream. 

Viewers in the comments are similarly impressed with the perfect pairing, with one user dubbing the collaboration as “HUSKYCORE”, while another commemorates the pet for his “tight lyrics”. 

This isn’t the first time Young has whipped out the riffs for a mutt either: he’s previously jammed along with a beastly “deathcore dog”, as well as a furry friend who he describes as a “10/10 good boy” and as being “10/10 better than your deathcore vocalist”. 

Check out the TikTok below:

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