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This metalhead teaching his baby how to scream is utterly adorable

When it comes to living life loud, start ’em young, that’s what we say



Just as the internet has a seemingly limitless appreciation for metal cats – a case in point being this viral video of furry felines freaking out to Iron Maiden – we consider  babies who love metal one of the most wholesome, adorable categories of online entertainment. Metal babies, babies listening to metal, babies being born at metal concerts: it’s all good stuff.

Take this TikTok for instance, captured by @confused_millennial who goes by the name Jer, which shows him trying to teach his little one how to scream. After all, what better way to secure the future of metal than by teaching our youngest how to follow in our footsteps?

Anyway, in the video, Jer starts off by enticing his child into play by making “blem” noises with his tongue, which, the baby enjoys and copies. Then, declaring that it’s time for “metal vocals”, the metal daddy starts to squawk and growl, which again, the baby seems to take a shine too, and begins to try it out the noise for herself.

Captioning the video, Jer writes: “We definitely have a future metalhead on our hands.” So far, the clip has amassed over 40K likes and almost 200K views.

In his other videos, the parent shares his love for the genre via numerous humorous videos, and shows how he’s trying to raise his child as a future metalhead by surrounding her by good and heavy music. Is there a better way?

Check out his videos below:

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