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“This motherf****r better know the song!” Watch Michael Bublé front Foo Fighters in San Francisco

Ladies and gentlemen, for one night only, the Bublé Fighters



Dave Grohl took a long-running Foo Fighters joke to its logical conclusion this weekend by inviting Canadian jazz-pop smoothie Michael Bublé to front the band for a performance of his 2009 single Haven’t Met You Yet.

In a tip of the hat to the wide and varied CV of their drummer Josh Freese, a résumé which ranges from his ‘regular’ band The Vandals to Nine Inch Nails, Devo, A Perfect Circle and – yes – Michael Bublé, Foo Fighters have been performing a mini-medley of tracks that Freese plays on during their current tour, regularly inviting fans from the audience to sing on Haven’t Met You Yet for the simple reason that a) Dave Grohl couldn’t be arsed learning the words and b) live karaoke is always joyously unpredictable.

On Saturday, August 12, during their headlining set at the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, Grohl, as is customary, scanned the crowd for a willing volunteer to handle Bublé’s vocals, settling upon a gentleman holding up an ‘I ❤️ Bublé’ sign.

“This motherfucker better know the song,” Grohl muttered, neglecting to mention that the guest vocalist clambering on stage with the band was, in fact, Bublé himself. And it turned out that he did, in fact, know the song, and was gracious enough to let Grohl alter one lyric to “I just haven’t fucked you yet.”

“I’m just gonna tell you something, and I’ll make it fucking clear because we don’t have a lot of time, for real, we’ve been doing that thing where people from the audience come up and say ‘I know that fucking song,’ and they walk up and they know the first verse, they don’t know it,” Grohl told the Californian crowd. “So this bad-ass motherfucker – and I’m not even kidding – flew in today from Argentina to fucking sing that song to you guys. Because there’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.”

Watch the footage below: