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Tiger Moth Tales release video for The Whispering Of The World

Tiger Moth Tales release video for title track of brand new album The Whispering Of The World



Tiger Moth Tales have released a video for The Whispering Of The World, the title track of the band’s new studio album which is released through White Knight Records today. You can watch the video in full below.

The Whispering Of The World is the title track of the album, and set the theme for the release as it was the first song I wrote for it,” explains Moth mainman Peter Jones.  “Like all the songs in this collection, it’s based on a memory or a moment which left a big impression upon me, and which I’ve tried to expand into a musical picture.

“This track takes me back to being on a beach in Menorca on a holiday with my family. It was near the end of the day and we were the only ones about. We suddenly heard a strange sound, almost like breathing… we traced it to a rock with a hole in it. The breeze was blowing in and out, causing an effect which at first was very eerie.

“For the purpose of the song, I reimagined myself being older and totally alone. I came up with the idea that the earth itself was communicating something to me, expressing the echoes or knowledge of the past.

“As with all of this album, the strings really brought this track to life. I can really hear the sounds of the sea and that mysterious sound of the breeze, suggesting some kind of strange yet healing experience, and somehow drawing strength from it.”

The Whispering Of The World was originally intended for release earier this year before lockdown scuppered plans. The new album finds Peter Jones accompanied by a grand piano and string quartet, all captured by the state of the art recording facilities at Fieldgate Studios in South Wales.

The Whispering Of The World will be released with an accompanying DVD, The Quiet Room sessions as well as three promo videos, as well as a version with accompanying mini live album Still Alive.

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