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Tik Tok genius nails what it’s like listening to Rage Against The Machine for the first time

Tik Tok comedian Jacob Givens recreates hearing RATM’s Freedom for the very first time in the 90s



A TikTok video of a man re-enacting what it was like listening to Rage Against The Machine for the first time in the 90s has gone viral. Comedian Jacob Givens depicts the scenario by adopting the role of a rocker introducing his friend to the 1993 Rage stomper Freedom. 

As the song plays out in the background, the Rage fan comments on his friend’s speculations whilst guiding him through each part of the listening session. Impressed by the riotous music infiltrating his eardrums, the friend muses “Wow. You DO have to rage against it!”. The rocker replies “Totally”, and goes on to comment on how very pissed off frontman Zack de la Rocha sounds within the song, as he declares “He sounds so ANGRY. And now I’m angry about what he’s angry about!”.

The video concludes with the pair overcome with enthusiasm for Freedom’s iconic hell-raising outro, as one rolls around on the floor. Really, it’s best you watch the video for the full effect, because it’s pretty amusing. Plus, if you never reacted in this way the first time you heard Rage Against The Machine yourself, can you even call yourself a fan? We think not.

Jacob Given’s creation even made its way onto Tom Morello’s radar, with the RATM guitarist sharing it onto his Twitter with the caption “One time for the people in the back!”.

In his other videos, you can find Jacob acting out more time-warped listening sessions to hits such as Radiohead’s Creep in 1992, Alice In Chains’ Man In The Box in 1993 and more.

Watch the video below:


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♬ Freedom – Rage Against The Machine

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