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Tom DeLonge teases new Box Car Racer-inspired Angels & Airwaves song

Box Car Racer Angels and Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves are gearing up to release the first single off of their forthcoming album. According to Tom DeLonge, the new track sounds similar to the music he used to make with Box Car Racer. Although it may not be the exact reunion Box Car Racer fans are anticipating, Angels & Airwaves have teamed up […]

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“Box Car Racer is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to, personally. I really wish it had continued. I know Tom DeLonge says that Angels & Airwaves is a continuation of BCR, but none of AvA’s albums have the same feel at all. (And I love all of AvA’s stuff too).”

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The tweet prompted a response from DeLonge who teases that Angels & Airwaves’ next single will please Box Car Racer fans.

“Stay tuned then for this first single from the new @AVABandOfficial album. Very BCR and that’s also why Rich Costey is mixing it, because he mixed the BCR album… As he gave it that feel u are describing.”

In fact, DeLonge actually made this same comparison back in 2019 when he shared an Instagram video that included a snippet of an unhead song. For DeLonge, the heavy electric guitar breakdowns sound “kind of like” Box Car Racer.

“Recording @angelsandairwaves today… #KindOfSoundsLikeBoxCarRacer,” he said on Instagram.

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The video warranted a response from Travis Barker who reminded DeLonge that no music will ever sound like Box Car Racer without him.


[Photo via @tomdelonge on Instagram]

Back in January, DeLonge also shared an Instagram revealing he had dusted off an old guitar from his Box Car Racer days. He used the instrument to track some parts on Angels & Airwaves’ upcoming album.

“In the studio today, we used my BCR guitar a little bit on the new @angelsandairwaves,” DeLonge said on Instagram.

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Barker and DeLonge first caught a lot of Box Car Racer fans’ attention back in December. Barker started things off by tweeting about Box Car Racer’s 20th anniversary. Back in 2002, the band put out their debut self-titled album. The LP is the only release DeLonge, Barker, David Kennedy and Anthony Celestino put out as Box Car Racer.

“Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Box Car Racer album,” Barker said on Twitter.

Barker’s tweet quickly warranted a reply from DeLonge who had a humorous response to the reminder.

“Yes, @travisbarker just rolled over and woke me up to tell me, too,” DeLonge tweeted.

This has all led to speculation that DeLonge and Barker may be planning something for the band’s big anniversary. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Barker did like a tweet in December about Box Car Racer finally putting out that unreleased song.

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Back in July, Barker revealed Box Car Racer actually have a song that was never released. However, he’s unsure if anyone will ever get to hear it.

“Nothing yet,” Barker told MTV. “But I talk to Tom all the time. There’s actually an unreleased Box Car [Racer] song that we were almost going to release, but it would just be wrong to troll people and put that out in the world. But, it’s incredible and probably no one will ever hear it.”

Of course, DeLonge and Barker have celebrated the band’s milestones together in the past. Amid speculation that new Box Car Racer music may have been on the way last March, DeLonge celebrated the band’s 18th anniversary in May with a throwback photo of him and Barker.

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“Happy birthday Box Car Racer – you are 18 years old today,” DeLonge said on Instagram. “Hey @travisbarker, you looked great on FaceTime today, but it was weird how we were wearing the exact same outfit… both of us naked as can be.”

At the start of 2021, Angels & Airwaves confirmed they were back in the studio recording their next album. In a lengthy statement, they shared that they hope to put out their new LP sometime this spring. They also plan to play shows again once it is safe to do so.

“We are (safely and distantly) back at work putting the finishing touches on our 6th studio album, which we feel is our best yet,” the band said on Instagram. “If all goes as planned, songs will be ready to roll out this Spring. We also have shows planned, so as soon as it’s safe, we will be out playing them!”

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Last month, DeLonge even gave fans a sneak peek of an unreleased song. He posted a video on Instagram that included a brief clip of a new track filled with futuristic synths and heavy percussion.

“This new @angelsandairwaves album is epic…,” DeLonge said on Instagram.

Just before sharing the video on Instagram, DeLonge revealed on Twitter that he is incredibly excited and proud of Angels & Airwaves’ next album.

“New @AVABandOfficial has some of the best work I’ve done in many years,” DeLonge tweeted. “I’d be honored if when it launches here soon that you give it a try… it’s got a little bit of all three bands I’ve been in. :)”

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Along with working on Angels & Airwaves’ new music, DeLonge has stayed busy this past year in other ways. Last fall, we learned that DeLonge is making his directorial debut in the new sci-fi film Monsters Of California. The coming of age adventure with a sci-fi twist is based on a script written by DeLonge and Ian Miller.

The film follows teenager Dallas Edwards (Jack Samson) and his friends who are on a quest to find the meaning behind a series of paranormal events in Southern California. During their journey, they begin to uncover secrets and truths about paranormal activity that lead back to the deepest levels of the American Government.

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Along with his research with To The Stars Academy and fascination with UFOs, DeLonge also took inspiration from his early days in blink-182 for the film’s script. According to IMDbMonsters Of California has wrapped filming and is now in post-production.

DeLonge is also revisiting his past eras for his new custom skateboard deck series. The EVOLUTION collection features four different decks that represent certain time periods in his life including one of Boomer from blink-182‘s “First Date” video. He also recently launched a Boomer Talking Plush that comes with a beer can and a skateboard.

What are your reactions to Tom DeLonge comparing Angels & Airwaves’ new music to Box Car Racer? Let us know in the comments below.


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