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Transatlantic’s The Absolute Universe: not one concept album, but two

Acclaimed proggers Transatlantic go for broke on fifth album The Absolute Universe



Not content with this 90-minute double album, Transatlantic have also recorded a 60-minute version of completely different recordings of the same songs, changing lyrics, vocalists et al. 

It’s also a concept album, concerning the world’s struggles in 2020. If you’ve ever wondered what a prog supergroup would do during a pandemic, here’s your answer, with full theses, dissertations and annotation.

And so, as the title hints, Neal Morse, Roine Stolt, Mike Portnoy and Pete Trewavas take us on a journey through the tropes of modern, technically flawless AOR-tinted prog, the playing proficient, the soul of it elusive. 

It’s a generous, abundant offering for loyal fans, but the casual listener might wish the band would more frequently twist instead of stick.