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Vote for the best metal album of 2020

2020 well and truly brought the noise – we gather its best releases and ask you to crown a winner



2020: what the hell was that all about? But before we completely write off the last 12 months, let’s not forget that it also produced an absolute avalanche of brilliant records. 

DeftonesOhms was officially crowned Album Of The Year by Metal Hammer. But we want to know what YOU think was the greatest thing released in 2020.

We’ve compiled a long-list of albums we loved the most this year. Let us know which of these albums have made your 2020 a better place by voting in the poll below. If we’ve left out your particular favourite, you can add your own suggestion in the field at the bottom of the poll. Please use the format of ‘Artist Name – Album Title’ when adding your own answers. 

You get three votes, so make ’em count. Results will be published in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back.