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Vote for the best metal album of the 2000s

Iowa? Hybrid Theory? A Matter Of Life And Death? Fallen? We want to know the best metal album of the 2000s – and we’re asking you



According to the experts, trends happen in 20 year cycles. By that count, we’re well into a 2000s revival – something the recent Sick New World festival in Las Vegas rubber stamped.

But there was way more to the 2000s than wallet chains and baggy jeans. Nu metal bands may have dominated the first few years of the decade thanks to the likes of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, Slipknot’s Iowa, Korn’s Issues and Disturbed’s The Sickness, but the explosive 10 years between 2000 and 2009 also saw the rise of metalcore, emo, symphonic black metal and way more. Then we had such giants as Metallica, AC/DC and others returning to show the younger generations how it was done. 

But what was the best album that came out in the 2000s? It’s a tough question, which is why we’ve decided to throw it out to you. It’s very simple – we’ve listed the key albums from the decade below and all we want to do is for you to pick your favourites. Yes, ‘favourites’ – because we’re nice people, we’ve given you three chances to vote. And if you don’t see your favourite, don’t despair – there’s space to add it on the bottom. So if you think Cheeses Of Nazareth by the mighty Rosemary’s Billygoat ruled the 2000s, here’s you chance to say it.

So, you know what to do. Get voting below…