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Watch 100 gecs’ new music video for “Dumbest Girl Alive”

100 gecs, the duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady, dropped their new album, ‘10,000 gecs.’ They also shared a video for “Dumbest Girl Alive,” which you can watch now. Continue reading…



100 gecs are back with their surrealist vision on their new album, 10,000 gecs, which is out today. To accompany the release, the absurdist duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady shared a video for “Dumbest Girl Alive.”

The sound of a THX Deep Note sets the tone for the album’s opening statement, full of bright hooks and ripping guitar riffs that make gecs sound like a digitized rock band from Hell. In the visual, Les appears as a giant hologram while Brady is perched on the stairs with an acoustic guitar, which his musical partner smashes toward the end.

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Next month, 100 gecs will embark on a North American tour in support of 10,000 gecs, and they promise it will be like nothing else. You can grab tickets here.

“We try to cultivate a vibe where people can be themselves,” Les told AP. “There’s people who bring microwaves and stuff to our shows, who record them on a [Nintendo] DS. The people who come to the show make the show. We just try to allow a place where you can do that. Non-exclusionary type vibes.”

100 gecs appear on the cover of Alternative Press’ 2023 spring issue. Grab a copy here and head to the AP Shop for exclusive vinyl.

Watch the video for “Dumbest Girl Alive” below.


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