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Watch a guy slaying Cannibal Corpse and Metallica songs on his iPad

The best drum covers of Cannibal Corpse’s Hammer Smashed Face and Metallica’s Fuel you’ll hear on an iPad



Poor drummers. You spend years practicing in your parents’ basement, pouring with with sweat and pushing your body to its limits as you slowly master your instrument. And what happens? You become the butt of every drummer joke going.

Well, we’ve got some even worse news for you. Russian musician ipaddrummer – aka Артём Барабанович – has been posting drum covers of classic metal songs on Instragram for the last few months. And the twist? He plays them on the ipad.

Yep, Mr ipaddrummer has chucked his kit of out of the window and instead batters out versions of Cannibal Corpse’s Hammer Smashed Face, Metallica’s Fuel and more using nothing more than two fingers and a piece of mass produced electronic equipment.

We’re truly impressed. Not just with the results, which are funny in themselves. But with the fact he’s completely bypassed all the physical hard work involved in hitting a set of upside down pans for a living. What’s that distant sound we can hear? Oh, it’s the sound of a million drummers gently weeping into their towels.

Check out a few of his covers below then head over to Instagram to see what else he’s done.